balance in motion
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Centred riding to improve your dressage and jumping; how?

Centered Riding® is developing 'feel' through the use of imagery and centring techniques to develop body awareness. I teach using dismounted and mounted sessions to explore balance and anatomy to understand the bio-mechanics of horse and rider. By learning your own weaknesses, you become aware of the same faults in the horse as he mirrors you (or vice verse).

Independent Seat

Centered Riding® helps you to achieve an independent seat. You'll become a balanced rider able to give clear instruction for smooth transitions in all gaits. With developed 'feel' and balance, you can communicate with your horse, your horse will begin to move willingly off the lightest of aids.

Overcome resistance

Overcome resistance with correct posture and a soft following seat and hand to become a harmonious horse and rider partnership.

Increase confidence

Centered riding® develops an understanding of the horse in movement through your own movement. As you learn to visualise what the horse is doing underneath you, your confidence and ability will grow. Greater knowledge brings confidence.


Centered riding® can be integrated into all riding disciplines: dressage to driving, in-hand to jumping. logo

your horse will begin to move willingly off the lightest of aids.
Merrigan Burton