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Tailored to you and your horse's individual needs. An assessment will be made during your first lesson and you should allow an extra half hour for this. You can bring your horse to me at Tideswell (25x45 all weather surface) or I will travel to you. I cover Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire (other areas considered).

Private lesson £30.00 **
Two private lessons back-to-back £25.00 (each)
Semi-private lesson £20.00 (each)

**Book a Centered Riding introductory lesson for you and a friend and save £10.

Extra mileage may be charged outside a 15 mile radius of Buxton. Please note that prices are negotiable depending on location, frequency and content.


Organise a workshop at your yard or riding club for group sessions (min 4). Workshops are from 10am to 4pm.

  • Instructor workshops - incorporate centered riding into your lessons.
  • Flatwork using Centered Riding techniques
  • Jumping using Centered Jumping techniques
  • The equiball, and trampoline - includes putting things into practise on the horse.
  • In-hand work - practical leading and pole work.
  • Lunging with single and double lines.
  • Relax and school in the stable
  • Obstacle training

Workshops are £40.00 per person (special rates for pony and riding clubs - please apply).

Two Day Clinics

Organise a two-day jumping clinic - min 4 people.

  • Learn to jump a course - tailored to the novice/nervous rider beginning with position, pole work and jumping a course of 'jumps'.

Two Day Clinics are £80.00 per person and include a buffet lunch.

Phone Merrigan on 07910 374443

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